Everyday Nutrition


Gain the nutrition knowledge and skills to achieve
a healthier you.

While I can guide clients on any aspect of nutrition, educational consultations will generally cover:

  • Australian Dietary Guidelines, food diary analysis and food substitutions
  • The plate model—carbs, protein and fat, nutritional definitions
  • Your lifestyle—challenges and habits affecting healthy eating e.g. factors such as sleep, exercise, relationships and work
  • Eating out and menu analysis
  • Recipes, shopping lists, cooking skills and useful resources
  • Reading food labels and grocery tour
  • Final recap session

The content of each session will be tailored to you to provide you with the knowledge and skills that will help you achieve your goals.

7 x 50 minute Nutrition Consultations $350 ($50 / Session)
Buy the full package up-front pay only $315 ($35 Saving)



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